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Friends! Now don’t be afraid of Accounting. Because this Tally course will increase your knowledge of the computer world as well as your Accounting knowledge for personal and professional life.

In this course, you will learn many important things related to accounting in a very simple way. Additionally, you will be able to make various reports quickly and precisely. Plus for you and your elders, auditors, bankers and for your tax-related work, you can create financial stalk and payroll reports in the least time.

Why take admission?

After completing the course, one can expect a suitable position as an Accounts Assistant-cum-ERP Assistant in Finance/ Accounts section in any organization.

Certification and Important Dates


  1. This course is certified by Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU).
  2. The YCMOU Mark Sheet will be given to learners under Maharashtra jurisdiction only.
  3. For the learners outside Maharashtra, the YCMOU Mark Sheet will not be provided.
  4. Learners outside Maharashtra will only be entitled for MKCL’s Expert Certificate Only.

Important Dates:

  1. Batch Commencement: One batch in each calendar month (January to December)
  2. Date(s) of Application and Fee Payment by Learner: 1st – 30th day of each calendar month
  3. Date(s) of Learner Confirmation by ALC: 1st – 30th day of each calendar month
  4. Course Start Date and Date of Issuing Learner Login: Date of admission confirmation

Academic Approach

The Academic Approach of the course focuses on the “work-centric” education i.e. begin with work (and not from a book !), derive knowledge from work and apply that knowledge to make the work more wholesome, useful and delightful.

The ultimate objective is to empower the Learner to engage in socially useful and productive work. It aims at leading the learner to his/her rewarding career as well as the development of the society.

Learning methodology

  1. Learners are given an overview of the course and its connection to life and work.
  2. Learners are then exposed to the specific tool(s) used in the course through the various real-life applications of the tool(s).
  3. Learners are then acquainted with the careers and the hierarchy of roles they can perform at workplaces after attaining increasing levels of mastery over the tool(s)
  4. Learners are then acquainted with the architecture of the tool or Tool Map so as to appreciate various parts of the tool, their functions, and their inter-relations.
  5. Learners are then exposed to simple application development methodology by using the tool at the beginner’s level
  6. Learners then perform the differential skills related to the use of the tool to improve the given ready-made outputs.
  7. Learners are then engaged in appreciation of real-life case studies developed by the experts
  8. Learners are then encouraged to proceed from appreciation to imitation of the experts
  9. After imitation experience, they are required to improve the expert’s outputs so that they proceed from mere imitation to emulation
  10. Finally, they develop the integral skills involving optimal methods and best practices to produce useful outputs right from scratch, publish them in their ePortfolio and thereby proceed from emulation to self-expression.


This course offers the following modules

  1. Fundamentals of commerce and trade
  2. Types and Activities of Business Entity
  3. Business Model, Operation and Structures
  4. Defining successful Business
  5. Business Failure
  6. Introduction of Accounting
  7. Source Documents and Vouchers
  8. Accounting Equations
  9. Journal and Ledger
  10. Special transactions
  11. Ledger
  12. Opening Tally.ERP9
  13. Accounting Concepts
  14. Record transaction in accounting software
  15. Tally Entries
  16. Transactions
  17. Debit & Credit Note Entry
  18. VAT (Value Added Tax)
  19. Trial balance
  20. Trading account and profit and loss account
  21. Balance sheet
  22. Data Maintenance
  23. Export of Tally Data
  24. Printing options in tally


Tally class near me Tally class near me

120 Hours to be covered in either 2 months (8 weeks) or 3 months (12 weeks).

Options Type Weeks Days per Week Hours per Day Total Hours
Option 1 2 Month Part Time 8 5 3 120
Option 2 2 Month Part Time 8 6 2.5 120
Option 3 3 Month Part Time 12 5 2 120

This course will also tell you about the voucher, currency, inventories, VAT computations, excise reports and will guide you to deal with such difficult looking things.
So in personal and professional life, you will be able to confidently handle the accounting related responsibilities. This course also teaches about business management and data management in a very easy way.